The Dawdlers

The Dawdlers are not your standard punk band. Sonically a cross between Cosmic Psychos, AC/DC and Peep Tempel and sporting an age differential of over 20 years, this 4 piece from Ballarat are already making waves 6 months in. Fronted by the formidable Dewey Pitts (part Tex Perkins, part Bill Hicks) the band splits its time between taking the mickey and calling the world on its BS. There were plans on taking this rock ‘n’ roll show to the people but in a post co-vid world, their attention has turned a little closer to home, focusing on the state of Victoria. And why not? With Melbourne constantly touted as the rock n roll capital of the world, and regional centres like Ballarat and Castlemaine punching way above their weight, there’s plenty of opportunities for any group who are willing to have a crack. And with a scorching debut album out later this year, the time is right for a new band to be ruling RRR, PBS and The Tote.

“A relentless and furious blitz, we’re pummelled by frenzied guitar antics over a breakneck pulse while Dewey is as irreverent as ever, his wild vocals sounding as menacing as they are thrillingly extravagant. All there is to really do is clutch on for the ride.”