MathesonWhen a band’s success so often hinges on whether the listener is taken by the voice delivering the lyrics, Matheson doesn’t have anything to worry about in that department.

World-class vocalist and songwriter, Aaron Matthews, traverses through a musical landscape backed by his travelling companions and impeccable rhythm section, made up by Mark Perry on bass and Stevie G. Martin behind the drums.

Sometimes they travel at full-speed,  with driving drums, weaving bass lines and Matthews’ vocals floating over the top. At other times they slow right down to soak up their environs. An underlying darkness is a consistent theme in their music.

Matheson knows how to hook in the listener with memorable choruses, sweet melodies and great storytelling. Matthews’ voice leaves you grasping for comparison. But it is the pure quality, and perhaps the disbelief that it could come forth from small-town Australia, that may warrant the questioning.