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Review: Terrible Signal – Half The Person

Melbourne’s Terrible Signal have shared their latest single, ‘Half The Person’. It’s the first to be recorded entirely by frontman Vincent Buchanan-Simpson.

It’s the fourth taste of their forthcoming second album, ‘The Window’, and their first track released this year. The breezy jangle leads with a particularly spiteful chorus lyric: “I really think there’s something wrong with you”.

“As far as spiteful lyrics go, the song has a sort of eloquence to it,” Buchanan-Simpson said.

“The talky bit in the middle is a piss-take: 17-year-old hipster reads his first Penguin Classic.”

‘The Window’ was recorded at a house in Aireys Inlet, Victoria and was finished at the Flightless Studio with Casey Hartnett, known for his work with Sweet Whirl and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Mikey Young of Total Control mixed and mastered the album.

‘The Window’ will feature ‘Half The Person’, along with singles ‘Retire’, ‘Man If You Saw Me On The Street Today’ and ‘Look In The Water’. The album is set for release sometime in September on Heart of the Rat.

Review: Terrible Signal – Half The Person

Vincent Buchanan-Simpson (Hideous Sun Demon) has been busy lately putting the final pieces in place for The Window – the sophomore album made under the moniker Terrible Signal. A string of singles have slowly given audiences a grasp of the album’s sonic banquet, and ‘Half the Person’ is catchy as fuck addition to the track list. Direct and re-listenable, the song is an ode to the act of conscious uncoupling from bad people. ‘Half the Person’ finds Vincent recognising the abhorrent behaviour of unnamed friends and lovers – folks who abuse and belittle others without thought of consequence. You know – takers, never givers. The peppy garage-pop soundtrack belies the mounting frustration at play – Vincent can no longer excuse the abhorrent behaviours directed towards him and others, so he’s cleaning house and doing so with a restraint that perhaps these people don’t deserve. “I’m tired of living in this chamber / I’m tired of letting people like you in“. Puts it pretty plainly, I think. This might be a song a few of us need to hear.

Review: Terrible Signal – Half The Person

Perth’s Vincent Buchanan-Simpson is the mastermind behind the now Melbourne-based four-piece, Terrible Signal. Their refreshing brand of garage pop-rock is built on the purest of lyricism, jangly guitars and some exceptionally catchy hooks. There’s an authenticity that really draws you in, paired with hypnotic instrumentals that have the ability to transport you somewhere else. With that in mind, we’re very pleased to be premiering their captivating new single ‘Half The Person’.

Following on from 2017’s self-titled solo debut, this new track is the fourth and final single to be released from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, The Window. Judging by all four current singles, the full-length is set to be a dynamic collection of tracks. Ranging from fierce energetic numbers, to what graces our ears today – a brutally honest observation of life delivered via the gentlest of garage rock. Buchanan-Simpson said of the track, “The song is about getting pushed to a point where you can’t excuse a person’s behaviour anymore. I know a lot of people who have had friendships or relationships where they get conditioned to being treated badly. But I didn’t want it to be a trash-talking song either. It’s harsh sounding but it does have a diplomatic eloquence about it.” Therapeutic sound in its most literal sense.

Recorded at Flightless Studio and mixed by Mikey Young this particular track was solely laid down by Vin himself. “I played everything on the recording, most of the instruments were done down at Aireys Inlet with Casey Hartnett. I’ve worked with him a bit now and really enjoy it. The vocals and a few other things were recorded at Flightless Studio by myself, thank you Lucas Harwood for teeing that up for me.” At just over two minutes in length, this song really packs a punch. A heartfelt hit of rock that’s bound to be stuck on repeat for the next little while.