Review: Terrible Signal – Half The Person

Vincent Buchanan-Simpson (Hideous Sun Demon) has been busy lately putting the final pieces in place for The Window – the sophomore album made under the moniker Terrible Signal. A string of singles have slowly given audiences a grasp of the album’s sonic banquet, and ‘Half the Person’ is catchy as fuck addition to the track list. Direct and re-listenable, the song is an ode to the act of conscious uncoupling from bad people. ‘Half the Person’ finds Vincent recognising the abhorrent behaviour of unnamed friends and lovers – folks who abuse and belittle others without thought of consequence. You know – takers, never givers. The peppy garage-pop soundtrack belies the mounting frustration at play – Vincent can no longer excuse the abhorrent behaviours directed towards him and others, so he’s cleaning house and doing so with a restraint that perhaps these people don’t deserve. “I’m tired of living in this chamber / I’m tired of letting people like you in“. Puts it pretty plainly, I think. This might be a song a few of us need to hear.