Review: HEADS. – Collider

Noisy rock music is often met with loathing by people who consider it not listener-friendly enough or with disdain from people who consider it to be inferior to jazz or classical music. However, what most people often call “noise” or just “plain trash” is actually the hardest to produce well in a studio setting. When it comes to transmitting riffs and grooves, it’s hard to make such high levels of distortion sound right, yet it is even harder to produce an album that on top of that has lasting power and that stands the test of time. Creating atmosphere that reaches beyond uncontrolled anger, and dissonance that surpasses hurt or recalcitrance, is an art that very few bands come to master throughout their existence. International heavy rock trio Heads. however have done just that with what is only their second full-length album, Collider. This angular rock opus is – without a doubt – a work of high art and a record for the ages.