Review: HEADS. – s/t

Raven Radio

Berlin trio Heads. is going to release their vinyl debut this spring on 8th May via This Charming Man Records. Band draws it’s energy from 90’s rock, postrock and shoegaze. And the fact that Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna took care of mastering the piece is a guarantee of high quality stuff.

Album was recorded live in heritage-listed hall Bikini Test in the Swiss Alps which added a natural warm feeling to the record. You can really tell there’s something different right after you hear the first few seconds. It greatly adds up to that dark atmosphere of this mysterious record. Band recorded 13 track in three days and picked 6 of them for their upcoming EP. (Interesting numbers right ?!)

Simple sludgy and hard hitted bass that was burried in bogs deeper than black coal supplemented with drums that draw shady echo from their surroundings. Melancholic yet disturbing guitar calms you with distant yet close vocals just to rip your head apart in the following moments. I found it interesting that sometimes the rest of the band can change the character of a whole song while the bass doesn’t change a thing and sludges its way through no matter what. And those are the things that I expect from a noiserock band. These guys made no mistake. Album ain’t too experimental (I could use a bit more of that) but on the other hand it’s going to be “listenable” to more people that aren’t always that fond of experimentalal. All what’s left to do now is look forward to 8th of March.