Review: HEADS. – s/t

One Australian that was fresh off the plane from Australia, with the sound of a former band disintegrating still ringing in his ears, vocalist and guitarist Ed Fraser set about finding new collaborators. One German, The Ocean‘s bass player Chris Breuer was seeking new creative outlets; and another German, Hamburg-based Peter Voigtmann, on drums. That’s why HEADS. was formed last year. Just a group of like-minded individuals, drawing inspiration from the same filthy pools.

Fast forward for today and we’re proud to bring to you the premiere of the self-titled debut album of this power-trio. Recorded by Jonathon Nido of Coilguns, and taking their cues from Steve Albini’s school of thought, the band recorded live, getting down 13 tracks in three days – including a guest appearance from Louis Jucker of Coilguns – which have been whittled down to 6, this debut is rock ‘n’ roll to the fuckin’ bone. An amazing display of a feature often forgotten: it’s freakin’ visceral. It spits in our face, without even thinking about apologizing, and in the end just thrills and excites. Welcome to the lovely filthy world of HEADS.