Review: Mark with the Sea – When the Blood Runs Dry

Forte Magazine

Gliding into my earphones with a healthy mix of noisy electric guitar is the opening track ‘Bows & Arrows’ from Mark with the Sea’s new album When the Blood Runs Dry. With the rollicking trashing cymbal crashes and Hammond organ tumbling along, although I haven’t had the opportunity to see Mark with the Sea live yet, they will definitely be on my list to see this year.

Marc Oswin is one of the locals that has been playing around the Ballarat scene for many years now in different projects and bands, but by far this is the most exciting thing he has ever done. The second release from the band and the follow up to 2013’s 13 Years, the choruses of the tracks that make up this album are catchy and something that if you listen to this album a couple of times, you will be singing along in no time.

Regarded as a poetic and literal songwriter, the lyrics that make up this album are both intriguing and enjoyable to listen to. One of the highlights of this album is ‘Fractured Parts’. From the reverb guitar lines and the soft acoustic tones, this tune has many layers to the sound producing something that is a new discovery every time.

Having played in Geelong at the NightJar Markets recently, Mark with the Sea is set to play a few shows over the upcoming months so make sure that you catch them and pick up this tremendous local release whilst you are at it.

Written by Tex Miller